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Professional Commercial Painting Brisbane

PRM are fully licensed and insured professional painters & decorators dedicated to workmanship and quality results.

We are QBSA licensed painters and have the appropriate insurance to specialise in commercial painting within Brisbane. We have plenty of experience and ability to access skyscrapers, multiple story buildings or smaller office buildings to complete any painting task to your satisfaction quickly. We will work hard to meet your specific requirements and our workmanship is guaranteed. Whether it is a melody of colours or a classic scheme of hues, your vision can become a reality by hiring us. Call us today on 0416 673 574 to discuss your job requirements.

From residential house painting to commercial maintenance painting PRM prides itself on interior and exterior painting preparation and detail!

We specialize in epoxy and two pack applications, textures and wallpaper.

When Should You Call Us?

You should definitely call us if:

Why We Can Provide Competitive Pricing

We have a great relationship with our paint suppliers so we so keep up to date with new products & systems and also offer the best possible competitive pricing. Commercial painting can be expensive, so the job needs to be done correctly the first time with the right amount of attention to detail, proper application and quality preparation.

Attention to Detail

Have you ever walked past a building and seen dried paint on the pathways? We have witnessed other commercial painters not even placing protective drop sheeting when completing a job. We provide a professional service so we will ensure that your pathways are protected from any potential paint spills. We also have the ability to block off any areas that pose a risk to the public. It’s our attention to detail and professionalism that sets us apart from the rest.

Surface Preparation

Not only do we have an eye for detail but an eye for preparation. We will complete the following preparation tasks during your project:

These steps very important for the longevity of your paint. For example, if Dulux paints are used then it's crucial to follow their exact systems of preparation and application to guarantee the product. We are dulux accredited and strictly follow their systems and instuctions.

Paint Application

Once the preparation is complete, we will then veneer the finish coats. With the first coat application we don't hold back, the more paint the better. Once the primary coat is dry we then apply the secondary coat until the required depth of colour is obtained. We will also lightly sand in between coats to ensure there is no remaining debris in between coats, as it will get only bigger with every coat.

As a professional applicator, we know the right products to be applied in specific circumstances. When waterproofing and joint sealing we are methodical to ensure it’s done correctly the first time.

We will provide you with a professional, licensed commercial painting service at competitive prices. If you need your property picture perfect and protected, call us on 0416 673 574 to have a chat about how we can help for a free quotation.

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