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Is Your Commercial Painting Contractor Licensed?

Not all painting contractors can offer you the advantages of a professional, licensed commercial painter. The services rendered by licensed painters are significantly superior to that of apprentices under training. When you want to ensure the best for your home, it's good to know you have the right person for the job.

Who are licensed painters?

Licensed painters are qualified to render their services from both a legal and professional point of view. They should have served in the industry for at least 5 years before they are licensed. Additionally, they go through painting courses, and are obliged to have relevant experience in the field before applying for a license. These professionals are employed by insured services, which leave no room for error or damages while carrying out their services.

How to check if your commercial painters are licensed?

If you are spending a reasonable amount of money for your painting services (which includes labour and material cost), you are well within your expectations to anticipate that the services are rendered by a licensed professional.

In Australia, some of the administrations that take up painters' licensing are the Building Services Authority (BSA), the Building Commission, and the Office of Business and Consumer Affairs. These organisations base their licensing on a painter's certification, his level of skill and his apprenticeship period. You can verify these details with your painter to know more about his license.

Why is it important to check if they are licensed?

When you are having significant changes done to your interiors and exteriors, it's always good to hire services that are covered under insurance and consequently take responsibility for any damages. A licensed painter also has the experience to conduct his work expertly without leaving behind damages to your floor, furniture and upholstery. He will also be deft with the use of his tools, which is very important to ensure your walls are well prepared before painting.

Similarly, he is also familiar with health and safety regulations, and is sure to use good quality paints and non toxic chemicals in the process. If you have young children or pets at homes, they are prone to pick up allergies and infections from substandard painting materials.

What can you do if they are not licensed?

There is a clear distinction between contractors who offer 'certified services' and those that offer 'licensed and insured services'. If you have opted for a service without knowing the distinction, it's best to look into the difference in the pricing structure as well. You may be paying much more than you ought to. You are likely to notice underplayed differences in the services offered too.

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PRM offers expert commercial painting services in and around Brisbane. Our licensed painters are happy to walk you through all your options and offer quality suggestions to make your ideas work. Apart from a thorough inspection and preparing your premises before painting, our services also include a thorough clean up on completion of our painting services.

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